10 Things To Know About Dating Geeky Girls

Geek girls come in all kinds of different varieties; on top of that, some of us are more comfortable with our nerdiness than other ladies, who might be shyer about it and wonder how the heck a relationship will ever work around their multiple OTPs (One True Pairings, if you’re still learning geek speak). The good news is that with online dating is becoming more popular than ever before around the world, websites have profiling down to a science – you can filter potential dates by preferences. The bad news is sometimes it may not be specific enough to share the realities of what it’s like to be a nerdy lady.

To help those seeking a nerdy girlfriend, Paper Droids has come up with the top 10 things potential mates will have to know about us:

sailor_moon_english_manga_set_by_sailorsoldiers-d38dx9r1. There are such things as shipping wars and we will rant about them passionately, loudly, and with extreme hand flailing. (A helmet is advisable).

2. In our minds, we’re dating fictional characters. For instance, the most important man in our lives right now is Captain America, and we have a girl crush on Daenerys from Game of Thrones. We will make no apologies for it.

3. We like our shoujo manga. In fact, we really do need all 12 volumes of the Sailor Moon manga, plus the boxset, plus the bonus boxset.

4. We require a walk-in closet. One half designated for our civilian clothes and the other for our cosplay. Sometimes we feel like Rogue, Hinata, Batgirl, Mulan, Katniss Everdeen, Rukia…wwchucks1

5. We’re going to take over your bookshelf too. It’s where we keep all our pristine books, collector edition comic books, and TV and movie box sets.

6. “I believe in fairies, I do, I do!” (And zombies, unicorns, Johnny Depp-style pirates, superheroes, dragons, wizards, etc.)

7. Whether we play on console or game online, accept the fact that we won’t go easy on you. Just because your friends are watching or in-game, we are not going to play the damsel-in-distress, and we can kill our own zombies, thank you very much! And no, we don’t need you to beat the level for us either.

8. We have internet friends that need our attention too! We chat with our roleplay partners, tumblr followers, and forum buddies. We know people from all over the world! They are as real as our IRL friends.

9. We collect nerdy things and sometimes a lot of weird stuff… Superhero bobbleheads, Hello Kitty hair pins and bows, replica swords, a mockingjay pin, a Pikachu plushie, Game of Thrones figurines, a toy ray ImagesCA1WBWZZgun… seriously, the list could go on forever. Point is: Accept me, accept my stuff.

10. When we say the girls are coming over, it’s probably not going to be a slumber party where we watch chick flicks while doing our hair and nails. No, we have RPG nights! There will be guidebooks, character information and stats sheets, tons of dice, in-character voices, and a lot of out-of-character giggle fits.

If you accept this and all of our geekiness, we believe there may be a solid relationship in the future for the both of us. And hopefully you’re a mega geek too!

Written by: Tina Jin & Steph Furlan

I'm a quiet girl with a lot to say. I'm a self-proclaimed geek girl, book worm, and social media addict. I'm the digital marketing manager for PaperDroids, so you've probably spoken to me on Twitter or Facebook, or if not, come say hi! I also have a book blog called Feisty Little Woman (feistylittlewoman.wordpress.com), where I write about strong female characters and their importance in novels and share my expertise about the publishing world.

  • Hahaha, yes to all of this! Especially all the geeky things that accumulate. (I mean, it’s so hard to say no to a little figurine of Link from OoT! And that Han Solo bobblehead was just BEGGING to go home with me!)

    Can I also add that being a geek girl does NOT mean I need a pink batman shirt? Or a pink “gamer girl” shirt. Or any geeky shirt made “girly”. I want the same, kick ass shirts guys have, but in my size, thank you very much!

    • Steena

      Uhg, yes! Thank you! Our local game and video resale shop has a Yoshi wallet that I would enjoy owning, if it weren’t pink.

      • Right? And it’s not like I don’t like when geeky things are made with girls in mind – I do! Like… geeky jewelry, or geeky dresses, or geeky heels, or geeky leggings, etc!

        In fact, I wish I could find MORE things made for geeky women! But I absolutely hate how people think making something for geeky women means making it a “girly” colour like pink, or adding sequins or ridiculous amounts of glitter. Yes, we want to show off our geeky pride AND look good doing it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean pink + glitter.

    • That is why I buy all my Batman shirts in the little boy’s department

  • Yes to all this!

    • StephFurlan

      Glad you agree. 🙂

  • nikitonium

    Yes to everything. Especially the walk-in closet.

    • StephFurlan

      I agreed! I think most people would have to deal with my crazy book/comic book/manga collection. I think I may need a library room. Something like the one in Beauty and the Beast would do nicely!

    • arielletje

      I want a walk-in closet and I don’t even have that many clothes. BUT I WOULD if I had a walk-in closet!!

  • Haha, everything! This article is SO spot-on. 😀

    • StephFurlan

      So glad you think so! It was fun to write.

  • Steena

    Egads, yes, to all of the above. This article speaks truth.

    I was lucky enough to marry my online RPG partner and fellow geek. Our spare bedroom is known as the Geek room because we collect a LOT of nerdy stuff. Guests just have to be okay with that collection of Lord of the Rings PEZ dispensers staring at them through the night.

    • StephFurlan

      That’s so awesome! I’d totally want to see that LotR PEZ collection.