The Walking Dead: “Home”

Friendly Reminder: If you haven’t watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead, here’s fair warning — SPOILERS AHEAD.

We return to the jailhouse where Rick and his group are still staying. Everything seems normal enough. Rick is doing work and stops to use his binoculars to scan the perimeter. Normal, right? He sees Michonne in the yard, some grass, and the fence.

I half-expected something to jump out to scare me, but no, turns out Rick sees a woman in a white dress by the graves.

Correction: he sees Lori and it’s confirmation he’s still off his rocker!

Bringing his gun with him, he goes to see her, but she vanishes before he gets too close. Lori appears outside the fence by the little bridge over the tiny river. As Rick nears Lori’s ghost, angel, whatever, he leans his face into her outreached hand. Meanwhile, Michonne is watching from a distance, only seeing Rick tilt his head and try to hold onto something that’s not there.

Welcome back to another episode of The Walking Dead!

Back in Woodbury…

The Governor speaks with Andrea. She asks if he’ll retaliate on the prison where Rick and his gang are. He says he will not, but do we believe him? I’m always hesitant to trust the guy after all that he has done. He tries to convince Andrea that he is a changed man and was impressed with her speech. He even offers her to lead the people now at Woodbury, though I think it’s just a ploy to keep her in the town.

the-walking-dead-310-home-bridgeDaryl and Merle are walking through the forest when we meet up with them again, trying to hunt for something. They plan to find a body of water to maybe do some fishing. Along the way, they hear a noise. Not just any noise. A baby crying and animalistic sounds. A group of people on a bridge are trying to fight off a horde of zombies. Merle watches but Daryl goes ahead. As he appears, Daryl goes into badass mode and totally works that crossbow of his, nearly killing the horde of walkers himself.

Once Merle gets onto the bridge too, he only stands there to watch. When it’s all over, Merle tries to steal from the family’s car, yet Daryl points his weapon at his own brother to give the family some relief and asks them to get into the car and drive away. They argue about his newfound morality, or maybe he had it all along but Merle always stifled it. As Daryl tries to walk away, Merle rips his shirt and sees markings on his back. They share a family secret that, and I’m assuming, their father abused them. From there, Daryl plans to return to the jail and seemingly leaves Merle behind.

Emotions are running high at the jail. Maggie and Glenn discuss their time at Woodbury, being prisoners and being abused. Maggie ultimately wants her space and her time to heal from that experience. And Glenn is filled with so much anger. Hershel tries to reason with him, pleading for him not to do anything reckless because the end result may not go in his favour. Eventually Glenn takes off and Hershel then tries to talk to Rick too, trying to reason with him to come inside where it’s safe. Rick confesses that he sees Lori and that he had heard her, Shane, and some of the dead townspeople through the phone. Rick chooses to stay near the forest, refusing to rest.

Andrew-Lincoln-The-Walking-Dead-HomeMost of the group seems to be in disconnect, which is the worst thing for them in this episode. The peace is broken after a bullet goes right through Axel’s head, the last remaining inmate of the prison.

I swear my heart nearly stopped that very moment.

I was totally not expecting a gun to be fired then and there, especially after such a cute moment Axel had with Carol.

The Governor and his trusted team are the source of the gunfire. Everyone tries to get their wits about them, but they’re all separated about the jailhouse. Rick is still beyond the fence and Hershel dove into the grass for cover. Eventually, a truck drives through the entrance of the yard and parks. The moment I noticed the back of the truck, I knew…

They unleashed a group of zombies in the yard and things just got a little more dangerous. Mayhem ensued.

This all made up for last week’s episode, which had been dreadfully boring.

As the Governor and his goons leave the scene, Glenn returns and even Daryl and Merle appear to join the fight. Everyone makes it out alive, but the open yard isn’t free to roam in anymore since more zombies wander in through the broken gates.

So tell me, did this week’s episode make up for last week’s?

Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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  • Rick is even the lamest crazy person. Like, he just kind of wandered around the woods a bit and nothing happened!

    • StephFurlan

      I was waiting for Lori’s ghost to sudden transform into a zombie…or some zombie to pop out of nowhere and attack him… But nothing.