The Walking Dead: “The Suicide King”


Welcome back everyone! The Walking Dead is back with its season 3 mid-season premiere.

We return from where we left off: Woodbury. Merle and Daryl are pitted against each other in the zombie ring in a fight to the death. What a happy family reunion…

And Rick and his team raid the town to save Daryl. Even though they had hoped to leave Merle behind, they have no choice but to bring him along.

walkingdeaddarylmerle-4574698936814154039As the opening and music began, I got really excited for a new episode, but nothing came close to making me feel this excited during the rest of the show. Trust me, I wanted to like everything about The Walking Dead, but this episode was a complete bore. Nothing really significant happened.

Rick and his team talk about Merle, knowing there’s no way they want him to be a part of their group. Daryl makes a choice, deciding to stay with Merle because family is family, right?

The new group sharing the jail with Rick’s group is growing impatient to hear the verdict of whether they can stay or go. One member even attempts to convince the others to bring down the “weaker” members of Rick’s group before the rest of them get back. I understand people can be desperate in dangerous times where zombies are just waiting around to chomp on you, but whatever happened to “sharing is caring?”

I’m so tired of the deceit and back-stabbing. Can’t we just have a few happy moments?

Back in Woodbury, all the citizens are freaking out and some of them have packed up ready to leave. The guards won’t let them go since a horde is just beyond the gate. Things look like they might go sour, but then Andrea chimes in, trying to calm down the hostility in the air.

Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCThe Governor is also behaving like a big baby, locking himself up in his room while everyone makes their own choices. His only real appearance among the crowd is when someone gets bitten by zombies who got through the wall and he appears only to shoot the victim in the head. It only made matters worse, but Andrea steps up to the occasion and says a really inspiring speech. I hope she sees now that she doesn’t need to cling to a man to feel strong, to act strong, and to be strong.

Up until this point, everything seems very ho-hum.

Also, what’s up with Beth kissing Rick on the cheek? It felt a little weird to me. I hope that even though she’s taking care of the baby, she doesn’t think she’ll become Mrs. Grimes II.

And then Rick holds the baby…

Beth says the baby may have Lori’s eyes and then Rick gets all weird. For a moment, I thought he might drop the baby, but I think his guilt sets in again.

During his confrontation with the other group in the jailhouse, Rick sees Lori’s ghost and he goes absolutely crazy! He needs to sleep or to eat or to step down as leader for a while. Or all of the above.

Overall, this was a pretty disappointing, unsatisfying, and boring episode.

Do you agree? Disagree?

Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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