Round 2: Name The Droid contest

It’s finally here!
Geeks, it is now time for Round 2 of Name the Droid contest.

First off, I want to thank everyone who entered. We loved all the names, but there can only be one winner.

Here are our top 3 choices (in no particular order):

Submitted by @Loarfy

Submitted by @Leonicka

Submitted by Amanda G.

What YOU need to do:

Leave a comment below, telling us which name is your favourite and why you think it should win. Convince the PD staff what we should christen our little droid mascot.

Round 2 Deadline:

Send in your feedback by 11:59pm on December 7

The winner will be announced: December 10

Best of luck to our finalists!

~PD staff

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  • I vote B4-04!!

  • While Greeble is a cute name, I do like B4-04 and its all-around geekiness to it! So my vote goes to leonicka 🙂

  • B4-04 absolutely. It’s short, sweet, and instantaneously, recognizably geeky. 🙂

  • Loarfy

    well i’m the one that suggested greeble, but tbh the other two are much nicer sounding~

  • Love Katie McGrath in Merlin, so glad you mentioned her! She does evil well, but was also great before Morgana took the dark road.

  • Aisha Tyler is so awesome! Her podcast, “Girl on Guy” is great, geeky listening!

  • ElissaS

    Confession: Not a huge fan of Kati McGrath in terms of acting. That smirking Morgana does all the time on the show bugs me. That being said, the entire cast of Merlin seem like such dorks, it’s adorable.

  • nikitonium

    Amanda Tapping is one of my favourite people. She’s such a dork. I loved her character in Sanctuary, but I feel like we’re not going to get a season 5.

  • Gosh, I love Aisha Tyler and Amanda Tapping so much. I’m also a fan of Teal Sherer, from The Guild and My Gimpy Life.