The Walking Dead: “Killer Within”

Walking Dead fans, you asked for it! On the interwebs, quite a few people mentioned how much they hated the slow pace and lack of action in last week’s episode. I hope you’re satisfied now because all hell broke loose this week!

Let’s go over the highlights, shall we?

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is my kind reminder of SPOILER ALERT.






Deer parts and a bloody heart…
In the opening, a stranger feeds and distracts two zombies to cut the chain and lock off the fence. It was definitely a moment of dread and foreshadowed the humongous zombie horde attack later on in the show.

No one likes to follow the rules
The criminals are back and they’re asking to join Rick’s group. At least one of them is nearly begging him. They can’t stand being in their cellblock for another minute, trying to burn the bodies of the men they used to know. Meanwhile, Rick and his group discuss the possibly of welcoming the criminals into their group. Most of them have reservations about accepting strangers in.

Back in Woodbury…
Michonne is still a badass. She notices the bullet holes and the fresh blood on the military vehicle. When she jumps off of it, the Governor appears. They have a little chat. Michonne sees right through the Governor and suspects he’s covering something up. With every accusation she has, he tries to cover it up with false reason.

Let’s go for a stroll
Hershel puts a smile on everyone’s face as he takes a stroll outside on the yard. Shortly after, the smiles are wiped clean as walkers come out to play. In the words of Glenn, “Oh man, can’t we just have one good day?” Apparently not. And it was only the beginning of the mayhem that ensued.






First bite

As T-dog locks up the gates, a walker comes up behind him and takes a bite from his shoulder. It’s a huge moment of dread because you begin to think there’s no hope for him. He knows it and it’s written all over Carol’s face too.

Sound the alarms
On top of that, the jail’s alarms go off, attracting the other walkers from afar. All hell breaks loose. Then when the scene cuts back to Lori, Maggie, and Carl, your heart drops when Lori begins to moan. The baby is coming.

When walkers cross Carol and T-Dog’s path, T-Dog charges them, knowing he’ll die anyway and tries to get Carol to safety. It was a little hard to watch as one of the walkers tears his skin away, devouring him piece by piece.







Well, that was easy…
The Governor’s real name is Philip. He shares it with Andrea. He sure let up easily, but I’m thinking he’s trying to gain her trust, wanting more control over people, and ultimately having more power over them.

Where Loyalty & Trust begins
We find out who had cut the chains at the beginning of the episode. It was one of the inmates still hiding in the jailhouse. Rick’s gun is tossed aside and one of the inmates trying to befriend him and the group earlier picks up the gun. Did anyone else hold their breath? The man points the gun at Rick and the other rogue inmate, making a decision within seconds. He chooses to kill his fellow inmate and possibly just blossomed a trust among Rick and his group.

To save another
Dear god, this week’s episode was a roller coaster of emotions. Lori decides that a C-section is necessary to save the life of her baby, choosing to sacrifice herself like T-dog did to save the life of another. The moment that broke me was when she began saying goodbye to her son, telling him to stay strong and to look after his father. My heart broke when she said her last words, “Good night, love.”








All grown up
Before Maggie and Carl leave the boiler room, a gunshot echoes. Carl has shot his mother, making sure she won’t return as a walker. He is expressionless as he walks by Maggie. If Carl ever makes it to adulthood, that boy is going to have one hell of a back story. Finally, the others from the group hear the baby’s cry; there is definite hope. Though as they learn Lori didn’t make it, Rick completely loses it. And by the end of this episode, my face was totally leaking.

Walking Dead fans, this is what you get when you complain about the show being boring or too slow. People die! Let’s all hope we can recoup from all of this.

So tell me, what did you think or feel about this episode?

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