The Walking Dead: “Walk with Me”

In episode 3 of The Walking Dead, I got my wish: a Michonne and Andrea episode!

Okay, let’s get down to business.

Spoiler Alert.

Look who’s back…
Michonne and Andrea hide in the bushes as they watch strangers examine the site of the helicopter crash. I had a feeling during episode 2 that Merle may reappear, and as it turned out, he did. He’s back and a cyborg, well more or less, with a metal cast and a knife attached to his arm. The moment I saw a zombie walking behind him a part of me really wanted it to bite him, but no such luck; Merle will be sticking around for a while sadly.






Welcome to Woodbury

After Andrea faints, we see bits and pieces of the journey the group takes to a guarded town the people call Woodbury. Andrea is taken care of, and Michonne stands by, radiating the strong, silent type vibe. For once, I’m glad I’m not describing a man. It’s refreshing to have such a strong and able female character. This episode Michonne completely has her guard up, wanting her weapon back and not trusting the Woodbury people or the Governor as easily as Andrea. And she has good reason!

The Governor
It’s pretty cool that he manages to keep Merle in line. It’s like a superpower. Though he isn’t a hero. He may have seemed like it at the beginning of the episode, but during the scene when he and his men shoot the soldiers, my respect for him vanished. He’s greedy for power and control. He took human life in exchange for the soldiers’ weapons, medicine, and supplies. Really, Governor, you don’t like to share with others? You already have a town full of 73 people, and with a pregnant woman in town, make that soon to be 74. What’s the harm in a few more men to help guard the place—or is there another reason why he killed those men?







Walkers vs. Biters
Rick and his group call zombies “walkers” and the Governor and his people called them “biters.” Which term do you prefer?

Never say never
Dude. What’s up with the Governor not giving up his name?

What the…
So the Governor has a secret room with a comfy chair and it just so happens to have a tank… filled with heads. I hope they explain that because I need answers.










Dr. Frankenstein?
We’re introduced to a new character, Milton, a scientist testing on zombies at Woodbury. When the Governor, Milton, Andrea, and Michonne have breakfast together, they have an interesting conversation. Milton tells them that he wonders if there are still remnants of who the zombies used to be. He believes the person who turned is still trapped inside the body. Now that’s an interesting concept, don’t you think?

Here’s a little idea I have too. The Governor looked at a photograph of his wife and daughter before going into his secret room. He has a stash of mostly zombie heads in a tank. Is he preserving them? And if so, maybe he is preserving his turned wife and daughter and hopes Milton is the key to helping bring them back. At least, that is my hypothesis for the time being.

What did you think of this episode? Any guesses about what is really going on?

Let’s discuss! Leave a comment below.

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