The Walking Dead: “Sick”

Spoiler Alert.

The second episode of The Walking Dead brings us back to Rick’s team’s confrontation with some prison inmates in the cafeteria and the lingering question of: Is Hershel going to die?

Here are my recaps and reactions to some memorable scenes in this episode:








Rick and his group are focused on one thing: saving Hershel’s life. They pay no mind to the inmates at the moment. Before the opening credits, I found it comical as the camera pans over to the shocked inmates with Hershel’s leg in the foreground.

For the Good of the Group?
Being the leader of the group, Rick is having to make the hard choices. In a quick chat with his wife, he shares his plan to kill the inmates. Does anyone see the pain in his face from the realization that his good intentions may in some way destroy the man he was?

Friend or Foe?
Tomas, the “leader” of the inmate group, is CRAZY. When Tiny gets scratched, he goes to town to completely destroy him.

That was a close one…







Tomas pushes a walker right into Rick causing him to fall to the floor. Luckily, Rick has Daryl watching his back. As payback, Rick slices right through Tomas’ skull with a machete.

Just Let Go
Maggie makes a request to have some alone time with Hershel. This scene was extremely emotional and may resonate with a few people who have faced the death of loved ones in their lives. You may have heard stories of the dying trying to hold on for the sake of the living; only when they feel like the living will be okay without them they can completely let go. Even though death is hard, I think Maggie shows incredible bravery and strength for her father in this scene.

No big deal







Carl suddenly appears with medical supplies, which are desperately needed and confesses to killing two walkers. But when Lori realizes he went alone, she’s furious. I’m on the fence about Carl. I think he should have some room to grow just in case he is put into a difficult situation, however I think he shouldn’t get ahead of himself either. Showing off is just stupid during a zombie apocalypse, and cautiousness may keep you safe.

Scare of the Night
I’m not going to lie. My heart leaped in my chest so hard it hurt when Hershel suddenly hooked his arm around Lori’s neck. The moment she started doing CPR, I thought, “This isn’t going to end well.” My immediate worry was that she’d just zombify Hershel that much more quickly. But in the end, it’s thanks to Lori that Hershel is still alive — and human.

Question of the night
Why is the last ten minutes of The Walking Dead always so hard to watch? I feel like I’m always pausing it right then, trying to muster enough courage to just finish watching the episode.

Insanity is the new sanity in the zombie apocalypse






Carol worries Hershel isn’t going to make it. She asks Glenn to join her outside to help her pick out a “cadaver.” That’s right, she plans to practice doing a C-section on a female zombie in case she has to deliver Lori’s baby. Practice makes perfect, right? Carol and Glenn rationalize it, but I still thought it was creepy as hell. I really didn’t need to experience Carol awkwardly lifting the zombie’s dress to expose dirty underwear and sagging skin over jagged bones.

Somebody’s watching…
Cue music.

As Carol practices and slices open the zombie, something or someone is watching her from the woods.

Dun dun dun!

I’m going to gather a guess and say it’s not a walker.

Here are a few of my speculations:

Merle, Daryl’s brother. Is he still alive? Is he going to seek revenge on Rick for leaving him behind back in season 1?

Michonne and Andrea. I think this makes more sense, since in the trailers for The Walking Dead, Andrea mentions “her people” are at the prison.

Or do you think it is someone else entirely?

Who do you think is hiding in the shadows?

I guess ultimately we’ll just have to wait and see. This week I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t get a glimpse of what Michonne and Andrea were up too, but here’s hoping they make up for it next week with most of the episode dedicated to them.

I’d love to hear what Walking Dead fans think of the show so far.
Leave a comment below with some of your reactions to this week’s episode or guesses for what is to come.

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  • Watching this show stresses me out. This season is already more bloody, gory, and action packed than the previous one. No one is safe, and it makes me panic!

    That whole Lori/Hershel mouth to mouth scene had me hiding under a blanket – I was CONVINCED he was going to die and come back to eat Lori’s face off! That was SO well done!

    And for some reason, I think it’s Merle watching from the woods.

    • Vanessa: I know! I think my heart gave out during that scene. It was so hard to watch.

  • Carl, Carl, Carl. The kid drives me up a wall. Like, I get being 12 and wanting to show off and do man-things and assert your independence, but there’s a zombie apocalypse happening outside and if he goes out and gets bit and is too embarrassed to tell anyone and turns zombie when he gets back…bad news bears for everyone in the group and good job, Carl. I really liked when the blond girl called him out on being a jerk to his mom and he ran off to cry.

    I also liked that Rick is finally stepping up and making some tough decisions and putting the safety of his group ahead of feeling like he’s a good guy. And that his stupid feud with Lori is maybe dying down.

    But AUGH the mouth to mouth scene! I think I had my hands over my eyes, convinced something horrible was about to happen.

    Not enough Michonne/Andrea in this episode (and I don’t think they’re the ones watching…it felt too sinister somehow). Judging from the preview for next week, we’ll get to see more of them in the new storyline.

    • Cate: I really like your point that Beth called him out. I appreciated that she did that. I’m pretty much sick of all the hatin’ Lori has been getting.