Recap & Reactions: The Walking Dead Season 3 Premier

The Walking Dead has returned!

Instead of a flat out recap of the show, I thought it might be fun to add in my initial reactions when I watched it, highlighting noteworthy moments.

If you haven’t watched it yet, do it, come back, and add to the discussion.

Okay, from here on out, major SPOILER ALERT.

If you’re still here, let’s start.

Opening Scene
There’s two zombies on the bottom floor of an old, abandoned house. The front door opens and Rick takes the lead to shoot both of them. The rest of the group trails in.

My reaction: Welcome back, people! Time for some more zombie ass-kicking.

Lori is major preggers
When Lori runs into the house with the rest of the group, the camera first focuses on her belly.

My reaction: Whoa! How… You’re ready to pop, Lori. Wait, did I miss something?

Carl’s a big boy now
Rick has given his son more responsibility and a gun. Carl looks so proud just to be able to help the group. He gets one kill in this scene. Also, a few of the group members try to scrounge up some food. In the kitchen, Carl finds cans of dog food, but his father disapproves and tosses away one of the cans Carl has opened.

My reaction: Carl…







The Picnic is over
Their eating time is cut short when T-Dog notices several zombies approaching the house. They pack up quickly and leave, then The Walking Dead theme song begins to play and the scene fades into the opening credits.

Did you notice the images are all brand new?

My Reaction: Squeee~ I am totally fangirling right now!

Winter is NOT coming
In a sentence, Rick explains they all survived during the winter. It also explains why Lori is ready to have her baby at any moment.

My Reaction: Really, Walking Dead? You time-skipped? It would have been fun to see some zombie action during the winter.







Is it just me or…

Are there two very uncomfortable scenes in this episode?

First, Carol and Daryl have a moment. Carol complains that her shoulder hurts from shooting a gun, so Daryl offers to give her a small massage. Carol, afterwards, calls it romantic and even asks if he wants to fool around.

My reaction: AWKWARD.

Second, Beth picks out one of the beds in a cell, saying it’s not so bad. Carl is there too and takes interest in the top bunk. Then Hershel makes an appearance, asking Carl, “Did you pick out your cell yet?” He’s making it clear: No Hanky-Panky, kids! Plus, Carl is like 12 years old and Beth is maybe 17-18 years old.

My reaction: AWKWARD and BUSTED. Hershel is going to have his eye on you.

Shit just got real!






The group members who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty with zombies go beyond the gates for a second killing spree. It seems easy enough. That’s until 3 zombified prison guards with bulletproof vests and helmets appear.

My Reaction: Oh my god. Left 4 Dead moment. Good luck killing those, guys.

Kick-ass women unite!






Michonne: She’s so badass with her katana and her two mule-bodyguard zombie friends.

Maggie: She’s the first one to figure out how to kill the prison guard zombies.

My Reaction: You’re both AWESOME!

Stay back!










Worried for his daughter Maggie, Hershel goes back to try to find her and Glenn, passing by a slumped zombie. But it is still alive and it grabs his leg, taking a big bite.

My reaction: AHH! NOO! He needs to live to help deliver the baby. Are they going to kill him now or hope he can help Lori before he turns?

Hershel’s scream attracts a zombie horde and the group finds a safe haven in the cafeteria, wondering what to do about him.

Rick looks at the axe beside him.

My Reaction: Oh lord… No. No. No. I’m not ready for this!

Rick examines Hershel’s leg before he grabs the axe and starts chopping it away before the infection can spread.

Well, hello there…
The group hears a sound in the cafeteria. Daryl searches for the source and his flashlight spotlights a group of men.

My Reaction: Cliffhanger! Dammit, now I have to wait til next week.

The End.

Deep breath.

Congrats! You just survived episode 1 of season 3.

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  • When has this show ever dealt with sex in a way that wasn’t completely awkward? Remember Andrea’s “crotch grab” last season? Just thinking about it makes me laugh.
    Overall though, I think just in the first episode the show has taken a HUGE step in the right direction. Competence (mostly)! People not being useless! A more realitic outlook on the world! You haven’t lost this viewer yet Mazzara and Co, but you are On Notice.

  • I’m glad to see the characters on the Walking Dead finally behaving like they are actually living in a scary world full of zombies. Glen checks Maggie for scratches before snuggling up to her, Carl didn’t wander off alone, Lori’s thinking ahead to what happens if she or the baby dies before or during labor (keeping this pregnancy is still the stupidest decision ever made, though), nobody’s dithering over Hershel’s injury and wringing their hands over what to do, what to doooo…?!

    I am still basically hate-watching this show, but it’s already a big improvement over season 2.

    • Of course, if nothing happened, it would be a pretty boring show. I think even though the characters may appear to be stupid, it may just be about ratings. I did want to add into my article, but it would have bit too long, about how creepy it was when Lori mentioned about the possibility her baby may be a walker. ARG. Imagine if it ripped through her belly…

  • GAH! Seriously, I thought this was one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead yet! I personally loved that they skipped ahead in time – they spent SO much time at the farm, and a lot of it was more character-driven that plot (not that I mind that, though). But it was nice to see them less unsure of themselves – everyone, including Carl, knows their role and have grown. I don’t need to see every little development – it’s been a long-time coming, anyways! Also: I totally loved the Carol and Daryl moment, hahaha!

    • I would have liked to see a bit of snowy scenes, even if it turns out to be flashbacks. I’d be interested to know how they fared.
      Though, I do agree that I like seeing the group more confident in themselves.

      • Does Central to Southern Georgia even get snow though? It didn’t really when I went there.