Name The Droid Contest

Geeks! We have a new contest for you.

 Some of you may know that Paper Droids started out as Blog 404 and went live on Halloween, October 31, 2011. To celebrate our first anniversary, we give you:

 Before you ask…

What’s up for grabs?
Our mascot, The Droid–in doll form! Our talented style editor Nikita gave it life, and now it needs a home.

Is the droid a boy or a girl?
Geeks, it’s a robot. End of story. Think: gender-neutral.

Who is the contest open to?
Unfortunately due to shipping costs, the contest is only open to contestants living in Canada and the United States.

How can I enter?

  • Leave a comment below
  • Tweet us @PaperDroids with your entry and #NameTheDroid.

How many times can I enter?
Only 3 entries in total, so choose names wisely.

When is the deadline?

Round 1: Ends November 14, and we’ll pick our top 5.

Round 2: From November 19-November 23, readers can vote on their favourite name and help the judges decide on a winner.

Round 3: On November 30, we’ll announce a winner.

Who are the Judges?
You are! During round 2, you’ll have a say which name you like best and why, helping the Paper Droids staff make the final call on the droid’s name.

Best of Luck!
~Paper Droids

I'm a quiet girl with a lot to say. I'm a self-proclaimed geek girl, book worm, and social media addict. I'm the digital marketing manager for PaperDroids, so you've probably spoken to me on Twitter or Facebook, or if not, come say hi! I also have a book blog called Feisty Little Woman (, where I write about strong female characters and their importance in novels and share my expertise about the publishing world.

  • Round 1 of the contest is now closed! Thanks everyone for participating.

  • Thanks for posting this.. It’s been a pleasure to read 🙂

  • Okay, here are my entries:

    1. Hallow (Hall for short) seeing as Blog 404 went live on Halloween.
    2. Roy the Droid (aka Roy) which apparently means ‘red’ in Scottish so it matches the red color
    3. Rissors which is the combination of “rock” and “scissors,” get it? Rock, paper scissors!

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  • Aislin

    DOR-bo! dor means ‘generation/era” in Armenian(also it is a uni sex name!).. and -bo because its a robot,.. and that’s what robots have on the end of their names

    also it sounds adorable and squishy

  • Queeqeg! After Scully’s dog that got eaten by a gator!

    • Err…Quequeg. Gender-neutral *and* nerdly. Hooray!

  • 1. Andy
    2. Gauge
    3. Hooper

  • Teef Patterson

    Fredlynn! I just think it sounds adorable 🙂

  • Alison


  • JeN

    You could call it “404” as a throwback to the old blag name.
    If you’d like it to be male, “Hephaestus” (in Greek) is the god of technology/skills; his name is “Vulcan” in Roman.
    If you’d like it to be female, “Athena” (in Greek) would be the goddess of technology/skills.

  • Update: Currently have 3 entries via Twitter. Keep ’em coming. They’re great so far!