News: Agent Coulson Lives!

I realize the weekly news updates tend to have a specific order, but let’s be honest. We all know what this week’s big news story is:

Agent Coulson is alive and will be a main character on the new Marvel SHIELD TV series!

I think it’s safe to say that fans knew Phil wouldn’t stay dead. Joss Whedon may love killing off fan favourites, but Marvel would probably want a him alive and making them money.



  • Speaking of Marvel news, the official synopsis for Thor: The Dark World has been released and can be found here.

    While we’re on this topic, I would like to point out that this photo is NOT from Thor 2. Stop saying it is

Web Series

  • Doctor Horrible aired on the CW, and Felicia Day gave a great interview on how this crossover from internet to television will improve online entertainment.

Possibly the entertainment editor and co-founder of Paper Droids. Test results seem to vary. Approach with caution and gummy bears.

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  • Ariel Kroon

    That video makes me laugh so hard, every time.

    You will be avenged! I will get the Avengers, and you WILL BE AVENGED!!

    • Elissa Smith

      It’s basically the fan reaction to his ‘death’… also, the youtube comments are really funny.

      “Kids, when Agent Coulson died, your Aunt Robin kind of lost it”