Geek Baby Onesies

When a nerdy individual ventures into the prospect of children there is inevitably the question of “will my child be into the same things I am?” The good news with this is that there is a time span when they really don’t have a choice and you can subject them to all of the geektastic onesies you can get your hands on for the first few years of their life. And with the age of the geek on the rise, there is a style for every ship and faction of nerddom you can think of. Here are some of my personal favorites – and I have even done half the shopping for you!

There are your generic geek onesies; the ones that are geeky just on a knowledge or humorous basis:

  • The Baby Genius – This is a cute little piece that anyone can understand, not just those who know the chemical processes and periodic table – though all of the elements are real.

$17.49 CAD from periodicallyinspired

  • Personalized Dragon – This is pretty awesome even if it isn’t entirely geeky. Basically there is a dragon… and basically it is personalized – which isn’t based on knowledge or science but it is a cute little nod to those in the fantasy realm.

$20.58 CAD from Crowsmack

  • Binary ABCs – Although this onesie is hand painted unlike the more professional designs of the last room, it is probably my favorite out of the three. Its witty and cute, and suggests that binary is easy… which it can be…

$12.35 CAD from PrettyThingsByJenni


Then there are your literary:

  • Custom Elvish – Soon you will not be the only one in your household obsessed with the need to find a connection to Middle Earth. Customize the shirt with something in Elvish. It could only be cuter if it looked like a character’s outfit.

$25.72 CAD from MithrilSheep

  • Superhero Onesie – You knew there was going to be something epic like this. This particular one is based on the Supergirl costume but there are many others as well.

$15.43 CAD from Sweetstylesstore


This of course leads into the cinematic or digital media faction onesies:

  • Dalek – Well, I can’t say that I have ever taken a gander at the Doctor Who series but these Daleks are interesting enough that I may have to try it. And they sure make cute onesies.

$18.52 CAD from pandawithcookie

  • R2D2 Clothing Set – LOVE THIS! We all know that you really want to be C3P0 for Halloween with your new bundle as your R2D2 counterpart but not you can have your counterpart all year round! Even if you don’t want to wear your corresponding costume constantly.

$43.21 CAD by TheWishingElephant

  • Trekkie in Training – Because everyone loves some form of Star Trek (except for maybe Voyager).

$18 CAD from geeklingdesigns


And then there is the ultimate section of onesies which of course are the gaming onesies:

  • Super Mario Bros. – They whole game is here for your baby to enjoy. Each one could be a day or maybe a mood! Tons of options with this bundle for your bundle. Yup. I went there. P.S. This shop has a ton of great onesies – so great our good old pal Martha Stewart gave them a nod (after she got out of prison).

$72.02 CAD for all 5 from TheWishingElephant

  • Little Miss Pac Man – “Wakka Wakka Wakka” could be your baby’s first words and you can match them with this awesome onesie in either Ms. or Mr. varieties.

$17.49 CAD from SugarBabyLove

  • 1337 Baby – If there is one thing I enjoy in the table top gaming world its creating characters and building stats, or maybe that’s with all types of games – but this statistics for a baby are so true.

$25 CAD (tax incl.) from Cafe Press

  • GAMEBABY – People are already picking up, tossing, tickling, poking, pinching, rubbing, grabbing, touching, and whatever else to your baby so why not make them look like a game system? Just keep the small games away: choking hazard.

$12.35 CAD from lilgeeks

Ultimately there is an abundance of geekery when it comes to clothing your child. It was quite difficult keeping the list short, so it only goes to show how many options you really have when it comes to forcing your nerdy obsessions onto your offspring. Almost all of my posts are from Etsy, and with their new search tool you are only a few keys and a space bar away from your own wish list of geeky onesies.

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  • Ariel Kroon

    I’m a fan of “Level One Human” – I’ve seen it at cons before and it’s adorable. I kinda wish I had a grown-up equivalent with my own stats, haha.

  • Mark

    Wow……. The Super Girl Onesies is my favorite. What a great selection. 🙂

  • Elissa Smith

    Ah! Cute children! My one weakness! Seriously, the R2D2 child is adorable, and the superhero onesie is great.